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AMS Ltd use a  Project Control Implementation model to create an integrated project control structure and baseline. Our implementation approach aligns with the APM EVMS guideline and ANSI-748, which lists five categories that should be considered to successfully implement an EVM compliant project control system, the five key categories are listed:-

1. Create the Organisation

  • Establish a clear understanding of the project requirement
  • Define the WBS to allow for meaningful estimating, planning & reporting. Expand down to work package level to identify where cost collection will take place.
  • Define the project organisation and owners of project scope 
  • Detail the project scope indentifying clear boundaries between control accounts.
  • Define a strategic plan to identify key milestones and durations

2.       Planning Scheduling and Budgeting

  • Develop the schedule identifying activities, dependencies and milestones
  • Define the progress measurement types (% Complete, Milestone, LoE)
  • Allocate labour, plant and material to the schedule
  • Validate the integrated schedule and the critical path
  • Identify all project schedule and cost risks and issues
  • Check the alignment and integrity of the Scope, Schedule, Estimate and Risk Register
  • Authorise the baseline

 3.       Accounting Considerations

  • Establish a cost collection process so it aligns with the execution of the work, as a minimum down to work package level of the WBS.
  • Establish the accrual policy, to ensure actual costs are recorded in the same period as the progress is claimed. 

4.       Analysis and Management Reports

  • Establish and setup Project Reports to identify Schedule and Cost performance.
  • Establish a monthly project review calendar and timeline
  • Establish a process for cost forecasting and the creation and analysis of an Estimate at Complete (EAC).


5.       Revisions and Data Maintenance

  • Ensure agreed change is authorised and incorporated into the baseline is a timely manner, to support month end reporting.





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